Why Artificial Grass is Better For Sports Venues

Artificial grass are becoming a popular choice for sports venues all over the country.  Scientists have made big improvements to artificial turf.  It’s no longer the yucky green plastic that used to cover indoor sports stadiums.  Today, outdoor artificial turf is hard to distinguish from real grass.
Aside from looks, there are 5 big benefits to having artificial turf:

  1. Artificial Grass can come in any size, large or small.

An artificial turf isn’t just for tiny areas or giant sports fields.  Outdoor artificial turf can be installed anywhere you need it – whether you have a small yard, or you need to redo an entire park.

2. Outdoor artificial turf does not require any upkeep.

If you feel like you spend more time maintaining your yard than actually enjoying it, an artificial turf lawn may be perfect for you.  Once it’s installed, an artificial turf lawn does no need any mowing, watering, fertilizing, sodding, or seeding.  With artificial lawns, you can start enjoying the outdoors – instead of maintaining them!

3. Artificial lawns can save you thousands of dollars. 

Because it doesn’t need to be maintained, an artificial turf lawn can save you thousands of dollars in water bills and lawn equipment.  After all, artificial lawns do not need to be watered.  Every time you water your grass, you are using hundreds of gallons of water.  Think of all the money you could save by installing outdoor artificial turf!

4. An artificial turf lawn lasts longer than natural grass. 

Outdoor artificial turf will not die from the scorching heat of the summer or from the frigid cold of the winter.  Since artificial grass can hold its own against the elements, it lasts longer than natural grass.

5. Artificial lawns are safer than natural grass.

Since outdoor artificial turf is much more flat than natural grass, you and your kids are not as likely to trip when you’re running on it.  And, many turf manufacturers will install infill with your artificial grass.  Infill is tiny pieces of either sand or rubber