RIP Kobe!

Like millions of people around the world, I was affected upon hearing of Kobe Bryant’s sudden death.

As a true Angeleno and a Kobe fan, I couldn’t believe the tragic news.

Later in the day, once the news set in, I felt compelled to watch his documentary, “Kobe Bryant’s Muse.” I wanted to gain inspiration and continue to share his legacy.

I know many of us are hard workers, competitive and high achievers and that’s something Kobe would have been proud of.

I’m going to believe that Kobe’s passing can help raise our collective ability to accomplish the things most important to us.

I’m going to honor Kobe by leveling my up my work ethic, my drive, my competitive spirit and all other aspects possible.

Thank you Kobe for being a excellent example of a lifelong learner. Your desire to grow and improve showed the world what happens when you have goals and go after them, hard.

I challenge everyone to take on the “Kobe Challenge” with me. Let’s commit to playing to the fullest extent and to the best of our abilities. I’m participating in the challenge and invite you to join me. Let’s be greater together.