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Coaches have a lot on their hands, so they need the proper soccer equipment to manage many kids on a soccer field. Soccer is a great sport to teach teamwork, but it requires stamina and a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Safety is also a concern on the field, especially in leagues with older children who are allowed to be physical. With this guide, any coach will be ready to manage the challenges of coaching a little league soccer team.

First-Aid Kits

A commonly overlooked piece of soccer supplies that a well-stocked coach would consider is a first-aid kit. If something happens on the field you should be prepared to deal with it. Perfect for cuts and scrapes, most modern first-aid kits come with plenty of supplies that can stop bleeding in time for help to arrive if needed. You’ll also find bandages and lots of low-grade pain killers and fever breaking medicine in case someone is sick or injured. You can buy med-kits in different sizes, and equipped with different gear. Coaches with teams in rural and hilly areas, for instance, may want a snake bite kit while those in urban areas might look for a more traditional med-kit with bandages.

Cones and Drill Supplies

The basics go hand in hand with teaching the fundamentals of good soccer. A quality cone goes a long way in setting up good drills. Lots of coaches like disc cones, which protrude only slightly from the ground. Small orange cones are also fairly versatile, but maybe not as effective when running certain kinds of dribbling drills. A small pop-up goal also helps work on shooting skills. Players will be able to put shots on target in more situations if they work with a smaller target in practice.

Extra Balls and a Pump

Soccer is physical, and that means the ball takes a beating. It’s not uncommon to need re-inflation after a few practices. Coaches should carry an extra pump around to keep the integrity of the ball for longer. Also, replacement Diadora soccer balls offer good quality at a reasonable price. Always try to play with a ball that’s within regulation for your league.


Need everyone’s attention right now? Then you’ll need a whistle. More than one if you have an assistant running around with you. Invest however much you want, but a good whistle can last you many years.


Finally we come to the coach of the future. Apps will help you coordinate plays and manage your players better at a competitive level by tracking the progress everyone makes during practice. You can technically do this the old fashioned way on paper, but apps offer greater precision and help to highlight important statistics.
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