Last December, Donovan’s career ended on a victorious note as the LA Galaxy brought home the MLS Cup for the fifth time and defeating the New England Revolution for the third time during an MLS final.

Landon Donovan was always known as the dramatic and talented goal scorer who played in the 2010 World Cup. Prior to that he had stolen the show at the 2002 World Cup with an amazing performance. On his list of accomplishments also lies his staggering six-time MLS Cup champion win.

Even though the star player did not score at the LA Galaxy vs New England Revolution match played last December, the game was a befitting end to his career. Throughout his career, the Blonde super player has made 531 appearances, 208 assists for club and country matches and scored a total of 226, all of these figures are records till date.

Quite unsurprisingly, as the raw emotion kicked in after the MLS Cup Final and as the player ran his final victory lap around the StubHub, fans were imploring and chanting “One More Year”, seeking another chance to see the hero in action for yet another year.

For over 15 years, Donovan had amazed American fans with his talent, speed and finish. His performances, however, stretched further than that pitch. He was known to be an introspective type of player who showed a great sense of self-identity and who did not just focus on his exploits. Even though the player is ending his career in a sense of sadness, he is happy about what lies ahead.