Written by Soccer Garage

Soccer is the world’s sport because it is affordable and anyone can play with just a ball. However, for someone who wants to attend youth soccer practice, there are a few more items that they will need. Below is a list of soccer equipment that you will want to buy before your child attends his first practice session:

Soccer cleats – Soccer cleats are the shoes worn during play, also called boots by the English. Any child starting out under nine years of age can wear standard runners or athletic shoes. Keep an eye out for tight shoes since kids grow out of them very quickly. Also, keep a spare in the soccer bags.

Shin guards – A shin guard is the only real protection a soccer player has, and it is to protect the most vulnerable bone they expose. This is usually compulsory on safety grounds.

Water bottle – Attending practice is a tiring affair. Ensure your child does not get dehydrated by providing a water bottle, along with instructions to drink at least every 15 minutes.

Uniform – The team supplies the uniform. You will only need to get practice gear.

Socks and shorts – Again, depending on the uniform, even these are provided. Most likely you will be asked to get color matched socks.

Soccer ball – This is mostly for practice at home. The best way to improve is to practice, even along at home. School soccer teams will have their set of balls, although you can still take one along to practice during breaks.


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