Essential Coaching Gear for Little League Soccer Players

Written by: Soccer Garage

Coaches have a lot on their hands, so they need the proper soccer equipment to manage many kids on a soccer field. Soccer is a great sport to teach teamwork, but it requires stamina and a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Safety is also a concern on the field, especially in leagues with older children who are allowed to be physical. With this guide, any coach will be ready to manage the challenges of coaching a little league soccer team.

First-Aid Kits

A commonly overlooked piece of soccer supplies that a well-stocked coach would consider is a first-aid kit. If something happens on the field you should be prepared to deal with it. Perfect for cuts and scrapes, most modern first-aid kits come with plenty of supplies that can stop bleeding in time for help to arrive if needed. You’ll also find bandages and lots of low-grade pain killers and fever breaking medicine in case someone is sick or injured. You can buy med-kits in different sizes, and equipped with different gear. Coaches with teams in rural and hilly areas, for instance, may want a snake bite kit while those in urban areas might look for a more traditional med-kit with bandages.

Cones and Drill Supplies

The basics go hand in hand with teaching the fundamentals of good soccer. A quality cone goes a long way in setting up good drills. Lots of coaches like disc cones, which protrude only slightly from the ground. Small orange cones are also fairly versatile, but maybe not as effective when running certain kinds of dribbling drills. A small pop-up goal also helps work on shooting skills. Players will be able to put shots on target in more situations if they work with a smaller target in practice.

Extra Balls and a Pump

Soccer is physical, and that means the ball takes a beating. It’s not uncommon to need re-inflation after a few practices. Coaches should carry an extra pump around to keep the integrity of the ball for longer. Also, replacement Diadora soccer balls offer good quality at a reasonable price. Always try to play with a ball that’s within regulation for your league.


Need everyone’s attention right now? Then you’ll need a whistle. More than one if you have an assistant running around with you. Invest however much you want, but a good whistle can last you many years.


Finally we come to the coach of the future. Apps will help you coordinate plays and manage your players better at a competitive level by tracking the progress everyone makes during practice. You can technically do this the old fashioned way on paper, but apps offer greater precision and help to highlight important statistics.
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Jose Villarreal Demonstrates His Versatility and Incredible Form

With impressive performance Jose Villarreal has emerged as the star of the LA Galaxy team this season. He has played along the left midfield this season. However, during the Galaxy defeat to D.C. United, the player showed that his optimum position might be more along the top.

While regular strikers Gyasi Zardes and Robbie Keane were away on international duty, Villarreal performed greatly as a striker working alongside Alan Gordon. The duet meant trouble for the United back line as Villarreal’s swiftness and technical skills worked well with Gordon’s physical attributes.

Even though neither Gordon nor Villarreal managed to score a goal, they were successful in testing United goalkeeper Bill Hamid representing two of the five saves that the keeper had made during the evening.

Villarreal stated was the partnership with Gordon was an easy and natural one and that they both performed well. He also added that he likes to work with bigger players as they are able to hold up the ball and link well. Villarreal also added that his side was unlucky and that the fact that they had conceded a late goal felt frustrating.

While displaying himself as a burly target man, Villarreal also demonstrated that he can be a dangerous striker during matches. When combining his skills with Gordon, he was able to find some space behind defenders.

Even though his side was not successful in winning the match, Villarreal continues to maturate as a player at the forward position. This proves to be an important boost for Galaxy’s 2015 campaign.


Landon Donovan’s career gets the Hollywood ending it deserves

Last December, Donovan’s career ended on a victorious note as the LA Galaxy brought home the MLS Cup for the fifth time and defeating the New England Revolution for the third time during an MLS final.

Landon Donovan was always known as the dramatic and talented goal scorer who played in the 2010 World Cup. Prior to that he had stolen the show at the 2002 World Cup with an amazing performance. On his list of accomplishments also lies his staggering six-time MLS Cup champion win.

Even though the star player did not score at the LA Galaxy vs New England Revolution match played last December, the game was a befitting end to his career. Throughout his career, the Blonde super player has made 531 appearances, 208 assists for club and country matches and scored a total of 226, all of these figures are records till date.

Quite unsurprisingly, as the raw emotion kicked in after the MLS Cup Final and as the player ran his final victory lap around the StubHub, fans were imploring and chanting “One More Year”, seeking another chance to see the hero in action for yet another year.

For over 15 years, Donovan had amazed American fans with his talent, speed and finish. His performances, however, stretched further than that pitch. He was known to be an introspective type of player who showed a great sense of self-identity and who did not just focus on his exploits. Even though the player is ending his career in a sense of sadness, he is happy about what lies ahead.


LA Galaxy’s Legendary 5th MLS Win

Last December, the LA Galaxy took home the MLS Cup for the fifth time since the team started playing Major League Soccer. The victory match was played against the New England Revolution at the StubHub Center. This victory brought The Galaxy at the number one position in terms of MLS Cup wins in Major League Soccer.

However, New England was a honorable competitor. The team had managed to level the game with a second-half goal scored by Chris Tierney. The team was able to secure victory thanks to a goal by Robbie Keane during the second period of extra time. The first goal for the Galaxy was scored by Gyasi Zardes at the 52nd minute.

Prior to this MLS win, the last time that the team had won the Cup was in 2012. Other victorious years were 2002, 2005 and 2011. Last year’s MLS Cup victory marks the third time in a period of four years that the team have been able to secure an MLS victory in Carson. This victory also marked the third time that New England was vanquished by the Galaxy during an MLS Final; in 2002, 2005 and 2014.

This MLS Cup match was the last one in the historic career of Galaxy forward player Landon Donovan. He is considered by many to be the most accomplished player in MLS history having impressive goal scores. Bruce Arena, LA Galaxy Head Coach is also considered as the most successful one in MLS postseason history as he brought his team to their fifth MLS win.


Los Angeles Galaxy Club Culture

Each club has its own culture, whether when it comes to the choice of the official mascot or with traditions developed throughout the years. The Los Angeles Galaxy team falls is no exception to this.

Mascot – Cozmo

Cozmo is the official Galaxy mascot. The previous mascot was named Twizzle and looked quite similar to Cozmo with the exception its form was more humanoid. Both mascots’ appearance are inspired by the outer space. Twizzle used to wear a spaceman’s cape and helmet.

Cheerleaders – Galaxy Star Squad

The official cheerleaders of the team is The Galaxy Star Squad. The squad often takes parts in events hosted by the team such as autograph sessions. They are also most commonly seen around stadium during games cheering for the team and giving away scarves.


In order to promote a festive and vibrant ambiance in the StubHub Center for the Galaxy, the Angel City Brigade was established. They generally sit in section 121 of the General Admission area.

LA Riot Squad

This riot squad was established following a defeat in the 2001 MLS Cup. Former keeper Kevin Hartman had requested a squad of Galaxy fans to join their forces by opening day of 2002 in a supporter group consisting of 100 people. Their reward for successfully doing so was a keg of beer. The squad can be found in sections 137 to 138.


The initial and original group of supporters of the team were called the Galaxians. This was established in 1996 during the team’s first major League play. They are located in section 122 close to Angel City Brigade.


LA Galaxy still shaken by late score from D.C. United

The emotion was clear on the faces of the LA Galaxy right after their defeat to D.C. United on last Saturday night at the RFK Stadium. This defeat had clearly stung the players. LA were indeed close to winning a draw against United right before Chris Pontius from D.C. went on to score a late winning goal to bring Galaxy to their first defeat of this year’s regular season.

The Galaxy team clearly struggled during the game with their inability to make the most of multiple chances that were given to them. Adding to their dismay was the late goal that made this defeat harder for Galaxy.

When he spoke to the media, midfielder Stefan Ishizaki stated that this was the most difficult loss that he has experienced since he came to LA. Ishizaki had missed a shot at the 67th minute. He added that his side had fought tremendously well but they just did not have any luck during this match. They had several chances but were not able to tap into them and to score.

Even with the absence of forward players Gyasi Zardes and Robbie Keane, the Alan Gordon and Jose Villarreal strike duet gave United’s defense a hard time. Gordon particular was given several occasions to strike. However, Bill Hamid from United’s side managed to save both of these goals.

Even though Galaxy was not able to reach the back of the net, they were on the way of earning a valuable point until United’s goal by Pontius came to round up the game.


Brazil 0 – Mexico 0

Luiz Felipe Scolari’s team was again not in their best form as they battled the match at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza. Brazil’s game was quite unconvincing as Mexico managed to hold the team towards a goalless draw. A notable performance during this match was that of Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa.

Attempts at goals were made by Neymar and Thiago Silva but these were unfortunately denied by Ochoa. Mexico persevered putting to test home keeper Julio Cesar and through Raul Jiminez acting as substitute and missing a goal by close during the second half.

The present results, however, would provide both team with the possibility of leading the Group A. Brazil would be facing Cameroon next in Brasilia for the final Group A match and they need only 1 point to see that through.

One thing’s for sure, it’s that this particular match has shown that Brazil is overly relying on Neymar’s and Oscar’s talents. Fred on the other hand was not able to appease critics displaying a mildness in his attacks. Luiz Gustavo and Paulinho on their part have shown very little imagination in midfield.

This is certainly not the first time that Brazil has faced such difficulties against Mexico. Mexico has indeed beaten them quite a lot during the 21st century. Brazil could consider themselves lucky that this match finished with a draw.

However, Brazil could rise to be a powerful contender. Afterall, in the past only two of their World Cup games had been goalless. Brazil had also won all of their last 3 World Cup matches against Mexico by a staggering 11 goals. We might be in for a surprise from Brazil.


Radar Guns and Law Enforcement: Using Science to Keep you Safe

We’ve all had the experience of calming driving down a road or freeway when quite suddenly, an erratic and fast moving vehicle comes from seemingly nowhere. Your pleasant cruise has been affected. And if your family is in the car with you, further cause for concern can become stirred. In most of these instances, we wish that a police officer could be present. And in some very rare instances, we soon see the offensive car on the side of the road, reflected by the flashing red and blue lights. And there will be no way that the driver can get out of a ticket due to a marvel of modern technology, the radar speed gun.

Radar guns have evolved into an almost required piece of equipment by law enforcement agencies. Using a short microwave pulse and the Doppler effect, an accurate reading can be taken of virtually any moving vehicle. No matter how fast an automobile may be moving, the radar guns are precise. Due to their infallible accuracy, these results can be used in courts as proof to justify a hefty fine for a guilty driver. In addition, radar speed limits signs are also another tool used by law enforcement to make drivers aware of how fast they may be traveling. And these same signs can also be used as a warning stating that the local law enforcement are aware that this area may be a hot spot for people speeding and that potential violators should act more responsibly.

In addition, some neighborhood watch groups are also using these tools to take accurate readings of troublesome motorists. While these readings may not be used in a court setting, they nonetheless can be used to report findings to the local police or sheriff’s department, so they can become aware of potential problems. From professional use to home use, these devices do their part in keeping our streets safe and our families free from harm when they travel on the open roads.

Science has made advances in all aspect of technology. Many fields are now using this same radar based devices to make predictions and improve lives. When it comes to law enforcement, and the safety of citizens wishing to travel to their destination with a minimum of concern, the devices have become invaluable. Those breaking the law are unable to talk their way out of a ticket when the results come from a radar device. If you do the crime, you’re going to pay the fine.


How to Select the Perfect Shoes

It might seem like a silly notion to some, but picking the right shoes should be given some thought.  Shoes say a lot about the person who is wearing them.  People constantly make assumptions about us based on our clothing and shoe style.  This style guide will give you some tips for picking out the perfect shoes for your individual fashion taste. The tips below will help you figure out if you should buy Adidas gazelle shoes or Converse.

Here are tips to help you pick out the perfect shoes for you:

1) Choose comfortable shoes.  Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.  Many of the popular brands are built to last and are made with high quality materials.  You can easily find shoes that are fashionable and that allow you to comfortably be on your feet all day long.  Make sure to always try on a pair before buying them. 

2) When in doubt, select classic styles.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming to go to the shoe store because there are so many styles to choose from.  If you have a hard time knowing what look to go for, simply choose a classic style and a reliable brand.  Brands such as Vans and Converse have been around a very long time and they are famous for fashionable and reasonable shoes.  Onitsuka Tiger shoes are also known for their classic look that goes with a variety of clothing styles.  Choosing the newest trendy shoes is not always congruent with your overall look.  Pick accordingly!

3) Lifestyle is king.  Consider what type of lifestyle you live before choosing the right shoes.  For example, if you’re a skater, you should find a great pair of skater shoes.  These shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort and balance while you’re on your board.  If you’re an avid hiker or a star basketball player, you should select shoes with that in mind.       

4) Expand your boundaries.  While it’s a good idea to pick shoes that match your specific lifestyle, it’s always nice to push your style boundaries.  For example, if you’ve worn Nike’s for most of your life, maybe it’s time to switch it up with some Chuck Taylor All Star’s by Converse.  Style is one of those constantly changing things.  Just because you’ve always had the same style, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way.  Wearing new things can boost your confidence and allow you to simply enjoy your lifestyle more.