Written by Soccer Garage

Finding and purchasing the right soccer equipment can make all the difference to your game. The perfect pair of cleats is a prime example. Once you have find a pair that you like, here are three tips on getting the most from them:

The right fit

Just like soccer clothes, the fit is important. When the shoe fits your foot perfectly, the stress is equally divided across the entire structure. One of the main reasons cleats crack is because of a bad fit. Then some areas of the shoe will be put under more stress than intended. A perfect example is when a player with a wide foot wears a pair of cleats that are too narrow. This will result in the upper tearing where it meets the outsole.

Tie your laces properly

Just like the above, when laces are tied properly the stress on the shoes are spread properly. The way to do this is to loosen the laces all the way down before you wear them and then tighten it properly for your forefoot.

Playing surface

There are different types of cleats for different playing surfaces like artificial turf. Wear the right pair of cleats for the surface will lessen chances of injuries like ankle rolling. Remember also that any cleat will deteriorate faster when used on artificial surfaces.


Following just these three tips will help you get the most out of your cleats and reduce the chance of injury.