Written by Soccer Garage

One of the best things about Soccer is the very little your child will need when starting out. It is the most popular sport in the world and is played on streets all over. This is because it is so inexpensive to start out. Here are the few basic items you will need:


Up until the age of about nine years old, a child will be able to play with any basic sports shoe. Afterwards they will need to get cleats. These are also known as boots in countries like the United Kingdom. Childrens soccer cleats are made of rubber unlike the Baseball and Softball cleats.

Shin guards

According to a recent study, the shins are the third most likely place to get injured when playing Soccer. This is why shin guards are very important. In competition Soccer can be a very physical and contact driven sport. Reduce the chance of injury with Shin guards.

Water bottle

Most parents assume that there will be a water cooler around the practice and play areas. While this is true, unless your child has a bottle close at hand, he will have to wait till breaks to get water. Give your child a bottle and ask him to drink at least five to nine ounces of water every twenty minutes of play. This is in order to avoid dehydration.


You will also need a uniform and practice clothing. These will depend on the school or team and it is likely that there will be specific clothes to get.


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