The single most important factor that determines your performance on the field is how well you can kick and control the ball. However, something as simple as ill-fitting soccer cleats can cause all sorts of problems. Something just won’t feel right. Strikes and shots will deviate slightly from your intended path. Here are some tips from Soccer Garage on how to get the right pair of cleats for your feet:


The general fit of soccer shoes should be a nice snug fit. For optimal feel you want your foot to feel the direct impact when you touch the ball. Any gaps between your feet and your soccer footwear is not acceptable. A good rule of thumb is to buy a pair of soccer shoes that are one size smaller than your regular shoes. However, only follow this if it holds true for you.


When going shopping for soccer footwear, take a pair of soccer socks along. Avoid wearing the socks that they hand out at footwear stores. You will want to take a pair of socks that are the same type that you wear for practice and games. Any other pair and you risk getting a different fit once you get home or out on the field.


Start with your regular shoe size and work your way lower one size at a time. Test each size by looking for space between your foot and the shoes. However, don’t go so snug that you find it uncomfortable to walk around.